Redemption's End

Session 2

DM: As you approach the docks you notice a large crowd gathering. The City guard is hauling a man away. He yells some stuff about a vision, and impending doom for everyone. An official approaches and asks to see your tickets, travel vouchers, and luggage permits.

V: Eyeing the official momentarily, Veyr shows her ticked to the man. “Does this pass your inspection?” she asks, diffidently.

Gromak: Having nothing but the bag on his back Gromak held out his ticket to the official. He didn’t want any trouble before they had even gotten started, so he hoped to get everything taken care of quickly.

Mardove: mardove hands the ticket to the offical then puts up her hood.

Oomaru strolled up to the docks with a wave of whispers and pointing fingers following him which he took little heed of. The whispers stemmed from the fact that walking alongside him was a dark gray wolf eyeing all surrounding people suspiciously. He played with his ticket anxious to get going.

H: Hildegarde rustles through her bag looking for the required papers. She glances around and notices that everyone who had agreed to take the job last night had, in fact, shown up today. She was a bit surprised at this. It would certainly be a lively group, and she was looking forward to getting to know some new people. She presents her ticket to the man and flashes a smile. She strides confidently (as much as a gnome can, at least) on to the boat.

DM: “Now hang on there! those are valid tickets, but I still need to see your travel vouchers, and luggage permits. You do have them, don’t you?” The Official demands.
V: “Travel vouchers?” she asks, eyeing the man for a moment. “I’ve neither heard of such a thing, nor was informed of the requirement of them. I suggest if you’ve a problem with my ticket, you take it up with my… patron, as it were.”

Gromak: Grunting in agreement Gromak addresses the official, “I too do not have these things. All I have is my ticket.”

DM: The Official puffs out his chest and recites “Stormfast law says that to leave the city you have to have a travel voucher stating where you’re going and if you plan to return. The luggage permit is required for passage carry your effects with you and take responsibility for those items if they’re lost.” on all ships originating from Stormfast. It shows that the captain agrees to carry your effects with you and take responsibility for those items if they’re lost."

Oomaru: The gray wolf growls threateningly at The Official, “Is THAT enough of a voucher for you?” Oomaru says slightly bemused, “Also I will be managing my own belongs if thats alright with your captain…”

H: Hildegarde stops as the man asks to see some other papers. “I was not given other papers. If you have an issue, please take it up with my employer. I’m sure they’ll be very happy to disregard your request”, she replies.

DM:”Now there’s no cause for concern. I’ll take care of the arrangements, you just enjoy your trip.” the official stammers

V Veyr glances toward the gnome as she speaks with the official before adjusting the pack on her pack and brushing past. “Your methods are rather simplistic,” she notes, drily, "although I cannot argue with results. However, I believe I will have to have some words with our employer.”

Gromak: Gromak turned to the others. “Perhaps we should make our way onto the boat and leave here before we meet any with any other difficulties. I would like to discover what this prophet says that is so upsetting.”

Mardove: Without making Eye contact with anyone Mardove walks quickly onto the ship and heads belowdecks to find her cabin.

Oomaru: Stifling back a snort at the officials lack of spine he and his companion head up on board “I agree with the half-breed,” Oomaru said nodding to Gromak, "The sooner we get this over the sooner we get paid and I’d rather not have to do any extra work that I wont be paid for.”

H: Hildegarde smirked at the witch. “Sometimes, the simple methods are overlooked. And I wouldn’t expect much from employer; he hasn’t even felt fit to grace us with his presence.” Hildegarde turned to Gromak. “Well, you’re just ready and rarin’ to go! I like that.” She clapped him on the hip, because his shoulder was hopelessly out of reach.

DM:It’s a two masted wooden sailing ship with square sails. It looks fast, but well used. The small crew looks like a random assortment of people that may or may not be capable sailors. It’s obviously the lowest bidder for the job at hand.

V: “As I said,” the flame-haired human says to the half-orc, “this ‘prophet’ is just undermining their power. I am surprised he has not simply met a messy end.” She gives a nonchalant shrug. “Either way, I can’t expect this problem to be more difficult to solve than any other. After which, I may have to see to see if there is any other work to be had.” She does, however, smirk toward Hildegarde. “I am sure his presence will be quite… enjoyable.”

Gromak: Climbing aboard the ship Gromak look’s around nervously. He’s never been on a ship before, much less actually sailed somewhere on one. The water looked rather uninviting over the railings. He hoped that is was sturdy. Looking over at the witch Gromak attempts a smile. “I do believe that we are to be his messy end.” He extends his hand to the witch. “I am known as Gromak.”

DM: The first couple of days at sea are fairly uneventful. The average seasickness comes and goes, and everything goes normally. On the tenth day, however, You are all woken from your sleep early by some unknown thing. As you come to the deck You hear a voice

“The Evil has spread too far, and not enough of you are redeemable. For those that are, Welcome home. We have been anticipating removing you from this wretchedness. For the rest of you, you all have had chances. You may not think you did, but they were there. You decided your fate, Now accept it."
Each person hears the announcement in thier native tongue, and know unquestionably that it is the Goddess Iomedae that spoke.

Around you people begin to vanish.

Oomaru: Oomaru rushes up on deck just as the crewmate in front of him on the stair suddenly disappears. Confused Oomaru readies his hammer although not really sure what good it might do him. Raksha his companion leaps from the upper deck just as he reaches the top deck and lands next to him hackles flaired.

H: Hildegarde feels a desire to panic, but swallows it back and keeps her wits about her. She readies herself to fight if need be.

V: Making her way onto the deck, Veyr seems fairly less alarmed than the others. “Well,” she notes to no-one in particular despite her clothes looking hastily-thrown on. And having a decently-sized scorpion resting on her shoulder. “I think I’ll check on the Helmsman,” she notes, adjusting her bodice.

Gromak: Gromak was unsure what was happening. He had never really heard much about any of the gods, despite being raised as a monk. Their focus had always been on inner peace and meditation, total control over one’s own body. People were disappearing though, which he knew could only be bad. “Where is the captain?” he yelled. “What’s going on?” he said more quietly, absentmindedly to himself.

DM: Looking around the ship it becomes apparent that the Captian is gone along with four other crewmen. That leaves ten crewmembers who look uneasy. The First Mate steps forward and yells “All hands back to your stations!” The Quartermaster and four others seem very reluctant to comply, but do so.

DM: Several Hours later the Quartermaster gathers you up for a talk. “You may not realize it, But The first mate has decided to sell you all into slavery. I have a proposition for you. I Want the ship, and I’m sure you lot don’t want to be slaves. I’ve got some men, and we’re going to take the ship. If you help I’ll drop you at the nearest land and we’ll call it square.” he says in a hushed voice

Oomaru: Oomaru frowns in thought. He highly doubted they could forcefully drag him into slavery unless they overwhelmed him by sheer numbers. He waited to see what the others thought absently playing with the edge of his vestments.

H: Hildegarde considers the proposal. “It seems reasonable. If you double cross me, however, I will not hesitate to kill you.” She didn’t necessarily agree with the man, and would not hesitate to double cross him if it was beneficial.

V: “Does he?” Veyr asks thoughtfully, having taken time to compose herself, sitting demurely in a chair in the room they are presumably sharing, her hair brushed. “Well, I’ve no desire to be forced into slavery,” she comments. “Perhaps one of us should go speak with the First Mate to ensure he doesn’t suspect we know? Naturally, I will go myself.”

Gromak: Gromak would not be sold into slavery. He would die before subjecting himself to such a thing. Looking at the others he knew they would not go quietly either. “I will not be taken. Your plan is agreeable, assuming you are telling the truth. Our witch friend here can discover that for us though.”

DM:“I can’t garuantee your safety if I don’t know you’re with me.” The Quartermaster replies urgently. “Go see for yourself, if you don’t believe me.”

H: “I agree, the witch should investigate. If she doesn’t mind, I will accompany. I am somewhat known for my ability to…bluff, if need be.” Hildegarde is interested to see how the witch will handle this situation.

V: “You will forgive me if I don’t take your guarantees to mean more than the breath you expel them with,” Veyr says, simply as she straightens. Moving her hand to her shoulder for the scorpion she glances to the gnome. “I suppose another person shouldn’t threaten him necessarily, especially one of your stature.” The scorpion moves down her arm to conceal itself within the folds of her clothing before moving to the door. “Let us go, then.”

DM: As you come on deck you see the First mate standing on the bridge with the helmsman and a deckhand The helmsman seems fidgety, as if he’s got a secret, but is waiting for the right moment.

H: Hildegarde walks beside the witch, noticing she can almost disappear in the folds of her dress. She decides to let the witch talk first; she’ll join if she needs to.

V: The redhead strides her way toward the First Mate purposefully. “I would like to have a word with you,” she says, glancing toward the deckhand momentarily, “in private if it could be arranged. I believe we may have some business of import to discuss.”

DM: “Right this way M’lady.” He says gallantly gesturing to the previous captain’s quarters. On Entering the room and closing the door behind him he asks, “What can I help you with?”
H: Hildegarde continues to remain as inconspicuous as possible.

V: “I believe that I’ve heard a rumor,” she notes, softly, “of a most terrible plan: Mutiny, my good sir. Against your leadership.” She waits for a second before continuing. “And that you wish to enslave myself and my… companions.” She shrugs softly to herself, making her way toward a seat. “But that is such droll business. I am prepared to make you an alternative offer.”

DM: “Go on…”, He says slowly, obviously interested.

V: “While I have not yet had a time to see how many of the passengers have yet remained after the earlier… encounter, surely our compliance and convieniently being elsewhere while you capture them and those plotting against you would be worth something of the price for them? Especially with us being such… striking and obviously armed individuals on a mission?” She looks up to him curiously. “Some of our number could even aid in your efforts; surreptitiously, of course.”


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