Dwarf druid, shapeshifting combat plus the aid of a companion.


Oomaru: Character Sheet (.PCG) & Picture
Raksha: Companion Sheet (.PCG)

Name:       Oomaru
Race:       Dwarf
Player:     Andrew 
Classes:    Druid1
Hit Points: 14
Experience: 0 / 2000
Alignment:  Neutral Evil
Vision:     Darkvision (60 ft.)
Speed:      Walk 20 ft.
Languages:  Common, Druidic, Dwarven, Sylvan
Stat    Score   Mod
STR      18      (+4)
DEX      15      (+2)
CON      16      (+3)
INT      10      (+0)
WIS      18      (+4)
CHA      6       (-2)
-------------------------- Skills --------------------------
Skill                   Total   Rnk     Stat    Msc
Acrobatics               0        0.0      2        -2
Appraise                 0        0.0      0        0
Bluff                    -2       0.0      -2       0
Climb                    2        0.0      4        -2
Craft (Untrained)        0        0.0      0        0
Diplomacy                -2       0.0      -2       0
Disguise                 -2       0.0      -2       0
Escape Artist            0        0.0      2        -2
Fly                      4        1.0      2        1
Heal                     4        0.0      4        0
Intimidate               -2       0.0      -2       0
Linguistics(Sylvan)      1        1.0      0        0
Perception               10       1.0      4        5
Perception (Notice unusual stonework)  12       1.0      4        7
Perform (Untrained)      -2       0.0      -2       0
Ride                     0        0.0      2        -2
Sense Motive             4        0.0      4        0
Stealth                  0        0.0      2        -2
Survival                 10       1.0      4        5
Swim                     2        0.0      4        -2
-------------------------- Feats ---------------------------
Armor Proficiency, Light
  When you wear a type of armor with which you are proficient, the armor check penalty for
 that armor applies only to Dexterity- and Strength-based skill checks.
Armor Proficiency, Medium
  When you wear a type of armor with which you are proficient, the armor check penalty for
 that armor applies only to Dexterity- and Strength-based skill checks.
Shield Proficiency

-------------------------- Combat --------------------------
    Total / Touch / Flat Footed
AC: 14    / 14    / 12
Initiative:   +2
BAB:          +0
Melee tohit:  +4
Ranged tohit: +2
Fortitude:    +5
Reflex:       +2
Will:         +6
Unarmed attack:
to hit:       +4
damage:       1d3+4
critical:     20/x2
to hit:       +4
damage:       1d8+4
critical:     20/x3
------------------------- Equipment ------------------------
Name                                            QTY	LBS
Outfit (Scholar's)                               1	6lbs
Shield (Heavy/Wooden)                            1	10lbs
Vestment (Druid's)                               1	0lbs
Backpack (23.5 lbs.)
   Bedroll                                       1	5lbs
   Bread (Loaf)                                  2	1lbs
   Cheese (Hunk)                                 1	0lbs
   Flint and Steel                               1	0lbs
   Rations (Trail/Per Day)                       3	3lbs
   Torch                                         3	3lbs
   Mug or Tankard (Clay)                         1	1lbs
   Ale (Gallon)                                  1	8lbs
Mug or Tankard (Clay) (1 lbs.)
Spell Component Pouch (2 lbs.)
Total weight carried: 
Current load:         Light
Light:  100   
Medium: 200   
Heavy:  300
--------------------------- Magic --------------------------
Druid Spells
Level 0
Create Water (Conjuration) - 1 per day
Flare (Evocation) - 1 per day
Purify Food and Drink (Transmutation) - 1 per day
Level 1
Cure Light Wounds (Conjuration) - 1 per day
Longstrider (Transmutation) - 1 per day
------------------------ Description -----------------------
Height: 4' 0"             Weight: 185 lbs.                Gender: Male	
Eyes:                Hair: Red,                     Skin: Dark grey
Dominant Hand: Ambidextrous      Quirks: , 	
Speech style:        Quotable: 
Full Description
Average height dwarf standing at 4ft even although a bit on the leaner side comparativly.
 Single top knot on a bald head. Red-brown beard partially braided into two.

Personality Traits

Scarcastic, prefers beneficial acquaintances to friendship, more likely to express his thoughts through his demeanor than his words (passive aggressive), does not go back on his word, likes sunsets and long walks on the beach


Unlike that of most dwarves born under the mountain and of the stone, Oomaru was born in the forest linking him to nature since the beginning. Without a father Oomaru’s mother gave birth to him alone. With what strength she had left, his mother took him to the nearest clan of dwarves where they took him in as one of their own. Shortly after his mother died. As a young adult Oomaru was willing to pull his weight by helping in the mines but felt an unexplainable growing ache with each passing month he worked. He grew irritable and became known for having a temper and being impersonal. Oomaru found solace when he could above ground in the open air where other dwarves did not often linger except to gather resources.

One particular afternoon when Oomaru was at is most irritable he went to the surface craving the feel of sunshine. As he approached the entrance to the mountain his eyes were met with a horrific sight as nearly 100 acres of the surrounding forest had been completely clear cut. Walking through the now open field littered with stumps his ache changed shape into a burning anger and hatred. Suddenly he happened upon a small, injured wolf pup. Upon inspection he could see that the injuries were not from the clear cutting but torture and knew it had to be the dwarves for their hatred of wolves but he felt nothing but pity for it. Doing what he could he found a safe cave in which he left it vowing to return with supplements.

Oomaru returned to the mountain and confronted the chief who he knew was the only one capable of authorizing such a task. An argument arose in which Oomaru demanded greater respect for nature (a concept foreign to many dwarves) while the chief fought back that wood is a necessary supply to maintain operations within the mountain. As tempers rose they attempted to escort Oomaru back to his dwellings but a guard tripped… From there Oomaru remembers very little of the next few moments other than one guard was suddenly on the ground bleeding from what looked like claw marks and the other lay dead with seeming bite marks to the neck. Fearing repercussions Oomaru fled for his life leaving the mountain behind with nothing but the clothes on his back and an odd iron like taste in his mouth.

Remembering his promise he headed for the cave and instead of finding just the pup he found an old man with deep green vestments draped on his shoulders. Hunched over the pup he tended to bandages and gave it food, “So you’re the one helped this poor fella?” he said more matter-of-factually than a question. “How did you—” Oomaru began. “He told me,” he cut off, “But that’s neither here nor there. More important is what he sensed in you.” The first of many looks of confusion crossed Oomaru’s face.

Over the next few years Oomaru traveled with the old druid as he had learned and was taught of his own attunement with nature resulting from his unordinary birth as dwarf. The old druid always seems a bit hesitant in his teaches as though he sensed something in Oomaru which made him uneasy. His bond with the wolf pup grew and they became close companions as he learned to communicate with and teach him. Oomaru and Raksha, as he had named him, seemed to share the same loathing for the dwarves under the mountain which strengthened their bond. After five years the teaching began to slow as did the old man who soon passed away. Providing a respectful burial, Oomaru took the druid’s vestments as his own seeing as he no longer had a use for it and sensing some innate power held within it. He and Raksha set off now only seeing the freedom ahead.


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