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Summary of Sessions:

Session 1:

The group finds themselves in need to work and end up in a local tavern in search of jobs. They meet “The Agent” of an unknown origin or master who offers a job to the travelers in return for 600 platinum divided amongst the group. Their goal is simply to dispose of a prophet on a neighboring island with a promised bonus if the cult is fully destroyed. Mardove, Hildegard, Veyr, Gromak, and Oomaru all agree to sign on questioning the agent’s and his master’s motives neither trusting him nor their new group who they will be soon traveling with.
Kill Count: 0
Hours met: 2.5h

Session 2:

With the journey officially underway the group finds themselves aboard the ship with part of the crew missing, the first mate (now acting captain) conspiring against them, and a mutiny brewing. The outcome may not be as hoped. With battle onboard seeming inevitable the group sends Veyr and Hildegard to converse with the captain and find the best solution. But for whom will it be best..?
Kill Count: 0
Hours met: 3h

Session 3: Battle for the Boat

The fight breaks out aboard the ship as crew mates revolt against the First-mate as acting captain. With not even a scratch Veyr, Hildegard, and the hidden Raksha knock the Quartermaster unconscious and then turn on the First-mate. Down below Oomaru and Gromak charge from their rooms hearing the commotion above them. Unsure of who to fight Gromak’s instincts kick in and begin attack the nearest crewman. Before much damage is done Hildegard reveals a special ability to Veyr charming both the Quartermaster and First-mate…
Kill Count: .5 [1 unconscious]
Hours met: 2.5

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